Image Consulting

portrait-1319951_960_720We can influence the way other people view us, the impression that they get about our personality and what they ultimately
think about our identity, by the way we dress and present ourselves to the world. This image that we create, depends greatly on the choices we make about our clothing, hair-style, make-up and accessories. All of these elements should be well aligned with our lifestyle and match our unique personality.

The image consulting as colour and style analysis will give you the necessary knowledge about the characteristics of the right clothes.


Color Analysis

Which colors suit you best?

We will jointly analyze different combinations of colors to find the ones which work best for you. In deciding which color shades promote a beautiful, healthy and happy appearance, we view skin type, hair and eye color as essential ingredients. We carefully evaluate these to find the color combinations which will allow you to shine.

At the end of this analysis, I offer you a personalized color guide with invaluable advice for your wardrobe, choice of hair color, make-up as well as accessories.


Style Analysis

How do you view yourself and how would you like to be seen by others?

The style is determined by your body shape, silhouette and proportions in combination with your personality. I will help you to optimally match the choice of clothing and accessories and thus to obtain an advantageous individual style. You will get tips on how to emphasize your strengths and effectively hide your weaknesses and what the current fashion trends you could incorporate into your wardrobe. To avoid long term expensive mispurchases.
The style advice includes a determination of your silhouette and body shape, style classification, character analysis and selection of your wardrobe. You will obtain an individual, written documentation.

I will help you to create that unique and individualized appearance, which will not only boost your self-confidence, but will also help you in accentuating your true personality.

Color Analysis: 39,- €  from 1 h.

Style Analysis: 49,- € from 2h.

Style Consulting (Color and Style Analysis ): 79,- € from 2-3h.